Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

After a tooth extraction, following a few aftercare tips prevents potential injury to the tooth. It also helps ease some of the pain that may come after this procedure. Are you searching for a few tooth extraction aftercare tips? While following your dentist’s advice after tooth extraction near me richmond is best, the following tips can also help you thrive.

1- Get Plenty of Rest

Ret is an essential part of the recovery process after a tooth extraction. While the procedure isn’t as invasive as some, it nonetheless takes a lot from the body. When you allow yourself time to reset, healing is faster and much easier.

2- Ice Packs

Numb the extraction area by placing ice packs over the mouth. You can enjoy fast pain relief when using ice over the extraction area, as well as reduced swelling in the area. Keep ice packs readily available to use after an extraction.

3- Warm Compresses

Many people rotate ice and warm compresses throughout the day after a tooth extraction. This may be an idea that you want to follow because most people say it provides great results. The warm compress feels great against an achy tooth or mouth and can help ease some of the inflammation.

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4- OTC Pain Relief

The dentist should provide you with a prescription painkiller, however, in the event that he does not, purchase an OTC pain reliever to use to ease the pain and discomfort. Take the OTC pain relief according to the package direction.

There are many easy solutions to caring for a tooth extraction, including the four above. Be sure to put this information to good use after the procedure so problems such as dry socket do not cause you more trouble and grief than necessary.

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