Home Remedies And More For Hemorrhoids

If you have ever had hemorrhoids, then you know that finding a remedy for the pain can be an ongoing process.  In many cases one remedy may work for a little while and then stop and some may not work at all.  For those that are in constant pain and are looking for a release, charleston hemorrhoid removal may be the best solution for your problem.

Witch Hazel

The first and more common treatment for this condition is Witch Hazel.  With Witch Hazel you are using an alcohol-based treatment will help remove the oil and bacteria from the hemorrhoids giving you instant relief.  The problem with this is that it is a short-term solution.  After the oils and bacteria return your hemorrhoids will begin to flare up again.

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Aloe comes from the Aloe Vera Plant.  This plant has a lot of healing and medical properties.  When someone has hemorrhoids, the aloe will help soothe the infected area.  Aloe is also used when someone has a burn or other injury. 

When using aloe, you can use it in a wide range of different ways.  You can consume it orally; you can break off the plant and rub it directly on the skin or you can create a aloe gel or cream.  The gel or cream is typically the preferred way of using aloe. 

Warm Bath and Epson Salt

This is another great way to help with your issues.  Epson salts will help soothe the entire body not just those with hemorrhoids.  You want to make sure that you have a warm bath and allow the salts to dissolve in the water.  You will also want to consider turning off the lights, lighting candles and playing some soft music.  If you are old enough, a glass of wine won’t hurt either.

For those suffering from hemorrhoids and wanting to avoid surgery, these three options will be the first that I would try to help achieve some form of natural relief.

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